What do you call a lie told by the atria? A fib!

Who is the doctor who brings the cards? A cardiologist!

What happens when a heart breaks the law? Cardiac arrest!

What sign do cardiologists have in their yards? Beware of clot!

Cardiologists are all heart!

If anyone ever tells you you have a big heart, kindly remind them that you have not been diagnosed with with cardiomegaly.

Are you Mobitz Type 1 Second Degree Heart Block? Because, babe, you make my heart skip a beat.

Blood is red. Cyanosis is blue. I get tachycardia when I think of you.

You make my heart race like an epinephrine drip.

You must be my coronary artery, because you’re wrapped around my heart.

You’re my sinoatrial node. My heart wouldn’t beat without you.

Are you on the transplant list? I want to give you my heart.

Cath me when I fall.

These jokes are as inappropriate as my sinus tachycardia.