Additional Resources


Cardiovascular Health

The American College of Cardiology is a nonprofit medical association devoted to the education and excellence of professionals. They bestow qualifications, accredit institutions, and create guidelines for clinical practice. Their educational resources are unparalleled, spanning from expert webinars to example cases to six published journals. They are also responsible for my favorite website CardioSmart.

The American Heart Association focuses on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease by promoting awareness, advocating for healthy lifestyle choices, lobbying for public health policies, researching cures, and educating patients and caregivers. They are not only informative, but friendly and funny as well! Get involved by joining your local AHA chapter ASAP!

The American Journal of Cardiology is a peer-reviewed independent journal written by and for cardiologists. Published bi-weekly, it has the most up-to-date research in the field. I, personally, read all the free articles I can, and if anyone would like to buy me a subscription, I’d love you forever!

The British Heart Foundation is the AHA for our friends in the UK. They fund research, educate communities, share survivor stories, and sponsor events. Their Heart Helpline and infographics are especially helpful.

CardioSmart is WebMD for those of us who are actually literate! Created by the American College of Cardiology, this website concisely and accurately describes many conditions, tests, treatments, and medications.

The European Society of Cardiology unites Europe’s many nationalized cardiovascular charities, pioneers groundbreaking research, and organizes a myriad of conferences. They have a journal of their own and links to many others. Additionally, they offer online courses and webinars, and their amazing practice tools are of use to medical students and cardiac patients alike. European physicians can find clinical practice guidelines and position papers here as well.

1Heart2Lives is an incredible network of survivors dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease. Their t-shirts are stylish, their posts witty, and their cause amazing. Also, they did a fun little feature on me, which you can read here.

Eating Disorder Recovery

The Academy for Eating Disorders is an incredibly comprehensive international organization devoted to eating disorders research, education, prevention, and treatment. They sponsor the International Conference on Eating Disorders, an annual meeting of clinicians and researchers.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an organization of health and nutrition professionals that informs individuals and communities about balanced nutrition and appropriate exercise.

Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action is an advocacy association in the United States that you, too, can get involved with.

Eating Disorder Hope is an inspirational site for those suffering from eating disorders and their loved ones. Like many eating disorder recovery sites, they have a helpline, recovery resources, and information on eating disorders.

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals joins together practitioners who treat patients with eating disorders, offering educational opportunities, certifications, and a semi-annual conference. Using their ‘find an eating disorder professional’ feature, patients can connect with providers to begin lifesaving treatment.

The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders, Inc. is a valuable resource for men with eating disorders, offering information and support to/for an often ignored population.

The National Eating Disorders Association advocates for and supports those with eating disorders on a national level. They strive to prevent eating disorders, educate people on their grim realities, and aid in the recovery process. They have a free online screening tool, links to treatment providers, and a toll-free helpline. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which often takes place at the end of February, is sponsored and created by them.

Recovery RD is my favorite eating disorder recovery blog. With grace, eloquence, and kindness, Kaleigh, a registered dietitian, shares her knowledge and passion for nutrition with the world. She is an amazing advocate for physical and mental health, and I highly recommend you check out her site.


The incredibly talented Holly Postler took the beautiful portraits featured on this site. She also has an impeccably designed website with healthy, ethically-sourced, often vegetarian recipes.

Curious Cravingz is an adorable little baking blog featuring a diverse array of easy-to-follow recipes. I especially enjoyed the rainbow cake!