Fries Not Lies: Rant On an Image

I was horrified when this image popped up in my newsfeed.

Yes, trans-fats from some french fries will raise your LDL-cholesterol levels and yes, buckets-full will probably lead to obesity, but this infographic is highly inappropriate; the message it sends is disportionate not to mention disordered.

Consider one of each: One cigarette is actually going actually harm you; the carcinogens will reach your lungs, and the nicotine is immediately addictive. One french fry does not have the same effect; your arteries won’t suddenly clog, and you won’t drop dead of a massive heart attack. In fact, on occasion, fries can actually be good for you. They’re fun, delicious, and if your body is craving them, what you should eat.

French fries are not the enemy, and food is not the problem. Weight and diet are contributing factors to heart disease because of extremism and excess (on both sides of the scale). So, cardiovascular health community, please stop fat shaming and please stop vilifying food. Advocate for moderation instead. Encourage people to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet–which, yes, does include french fries!

(original image by Instagram user @epatientbrazil; vandalism thereof by yours truly)

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